Daily Demolition Report: Larston Space

3444 Wickersham Ln., River Oaks, Houston

Goodbye to you, you, you. Goodbye to you.


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 3444 Wickersham Ln.: HAR

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  • Over 24 hours later and I’m still giggling at this headline.

  • Mazzarino Construction (2230 Branard) also got a demo permit for 2048 Branard on Sept 2nd, but I didn’t see that one show up on Swamplot. They paid $501K for a 6250 sf lot at 2048 and $492.5K for a 5000 sf lot at 2230. I think I saw a backhoe pulling up to 2048 this morning. Half-million dollar teardowns, yikes.