Daily Demolition Report: L’Art Moderne

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

It is not enough to know your demolition craft – you have to have feeling.



Photo of 3719 Olympia Dr.: Redfin

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  • Shame about that house on Kipling. Looks like someone spent a lot on upgrades recently. The place was on the market 8 days. Probably a pile of broken wood already.
    Do owners who care enough to rehab an old home like that not see that the house will be destroyed once they sell it? Why not keep it and put the house up for rent?
    I wish there were more regulations here to preserve neighborhoods, like most cities have. If not that, then a way to move the whole house to some place else. There are a number of vacant lots in the 3rd ward, why not move such a house there?

  • @GlenW — not just a shame, but a damn shame. It’s a beautiful little bungalow I walk past nearly every day. Unfortunately land is so expensive that even well-maintained homes are being subjected to the wrecking ball.

  • It was listed for several months, the closing was postponed, because of Harvey, so the 8 days is wrong. The house was listed at $615,00. A prospective buyer, wanted the remaining wiring up dated. Estimated costs 10 to 15,000. A builder offered them more, than there asking price. It was beautiful, the lots are getting to expensive.

  • The Kipling house was a perfectly fine house that could have been added onto or moved to another location. I suggested, after Harvey, to the planning department via Twitter that they put a moratorium on this sort of demo when so many are in need. (Obviously not effective!) The house was fine last week prior to demo and the 100 years before that, and would have been for 100 more if in the right hands. I did—at least—see them salvaging the hardwood floors.