Daily Demolition Report: Last Night at the Washington Ave Honky Tonk

Beep! Beep! Coming to knock you out!


Commercial Structures


Photo of 9615 Emnora Ln.: HAR

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  • I was hoping that they would actually tear down that honky tonk on Washington.

  • I’m amazed that someone is tearing down “Rebels honky tonk”…wasn’t that place built just a couple of years ago?

  • Yes, it was, though the lot is mostly a gigantic pay-for-parking lot. Washington Ave anthropology and economics proves it is financially prudent to build a giant bar/club/lounge that charges outrageous prices and offers only valet parking in order to facilitate a quick return on investment in the few months before the next new must-be-there club is developed a block down the road. This is just the circle of life at work.

  • So are they tearing down the entire bar or what?