Daily Demolition Report: Let the Big Dog Lie

There’s a whole lotta action in today’s demo plan. You want in?


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1801 Washington Ave.: LoopNet

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  • I think it’s just a shame that wonderful hysterical old buidings like 1801 Washington are being torn down for no other reason than greed. Once they flatten this place, they’ll probably build some sort of house of sin, like a topless bar or a law office. Why not just let it stand there as an example of fine architecture and design? besides, now I won’t have anywhere to sleep when my wife kicks me out of the house.

  • For the Washington teardown, the google street view shows some beautiful cobblestone heading south on Sabine. Such character! I wish more of the neighborhood roads had this.

  • Any stones in these parts can’t be used as cobbles, but the post today on Houston vernacular has a bit to say about the local brickmaking history. Bricks like these, I should add, are much longer-lived or lower upkeep than the paving best practices we do today, as long as daily vehicles are not too heavy weighted and constant. Lubbock paved its central streets with brick in the 20s and 30s, like Sabine here, and they are only this decade discussing whether it’s time to replace them.

  • Hi Bob. Good to see you post on here. I’m sure that the wife will only banish you to that mahogany mancave instead of completely out of the house.

  • There are so many creative things that could have been done with the Washington building… alas… Houston will continue to be cookie cutter, stifling creativty of what could be to build a copy of what is just up the street…