Daily Demolition Report: Letting Friends Go

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday that permit offices were open.

A crushing blow. Hold the anchovies, please, while we pull this down.


Commercial Structures


Photo of Friend’s Pizzeria: Eddie S.

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  • Just the Freinds Pizza or the whole strip center?

  • Probably the whole thing since Tom’s just moved to a new strip center further west on westheimer. (I highly recommend Tom’s b/c they do a decent job and its dirt cheap)

  • Prosperity Bank is going to build a new branch moving from their current location at Fondren and Westheimer…

  • What with the rise of internet banking, I wonder what exactly goes on in these bank branches that have sprouted everywhere? Is there a large cash-only underground economy?

  • Did Friends open up in anew location? I live around the corner and they made pretty decent pizza and were much better than the chains. We have a glut of stand alone bank branches that no one goes to in the area already.

  • Chef, I wonder the same thing. I haven’t been into my bank’s lobby in years. On a positive note, many of these banks are fairly nice looking buildings – a heck of lot more architectural thought went into these than 90% of the stucco town homes.

  • When I briefly received rent in cash each month, I needed a bank with a local branch, but Frost’s beautiful lobbies were much less of interest than First Convenience Bank’s weekend hours in Kroger.