Daily Demolition Report: Liberty Orr Destruction

I only regret that I have but one garage to give to this hungry excavator.


Commercial & Community Structures


Photo of 2150 Colquitt St.: HAR

One Comment

  • I am sad to see the property on Colquitt on this report. We had this house under contract last summer. We intended to fix it up, but after the inspections came back, we knew it was out of the range of our pocketbook. The brick facade was falling off the frame, there was a cesspool rotting out the pier and beams, all of the electric had to be replaced and the attic was one termite bite away from falling into the second story. Speaking of termites, they had already finished eating the structure behind the house which was going to have to be torched. I had hoped someone with deeper pockets and more time would have taken care of the house, but that’s not happening.