Daily Demolition Report: Lifetime Homes

Gotta clear away the suckers for the big ones to grow.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 13803 Perthshire Rd.: HAR

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  • I grew up across the street from this house. A beautiful street of graceful, right-sized homes. A McMansion went up on the lot of a house damaged by Ike. I guess it was only a matter of time before other houses met the wrecking ball too, but still it’s sad.

  • Not just sad, but downright wasteful, too.

  • Homes that are within the 100 year floodplain, and do not have a floor elavation higher than 1′-0″ above BFE are limited in improvements to 50% of the value of the structure. For this reason, most of the mid century ranch homes in the area around Braes Bayou are destined to be torn down, since the owners are prohibited from spending the money to prolong their life span.

  • This breaks my heart. My childhood home:( Drove by the other day and had to hold back tears.