Daily Demolition Report: Lone Star Restoration

Must put a stop to these. Something must be done.


Commercial Structures


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  • another day, another Oak Forest rebuild. anybody know the actual numbers of torn down houses in this specific neighborhood? for the gamblers here, my over/under for the past 365 days is 70. who’s a taker? And no google cheating…

  • HTX Rez: As a resident of Oak Forest I can tell you the vast majority of the homes being torn down are not salvagable. The unfortunate result, though, is the massive homes built on the lots left behind. Way too big for the neighborhood and, frankly, most are pretty darn ugly.

  • Many homes in 77018 are being rehabbed, but I agree with Marcy — too much deferred maintenance for too long a time creates a mess that just needs to come down. I am always impressed by how big ALL of the new places are, but since the lots aren’t big enough for 3000 sq ft on one level, they seem to feel the need to build UP instead. In Garden Oaks, only a few sections have deed restrictions in place; the powers-that-be are all abuzz over the places they dont like but have no power to hassle.