Daily Demolition Report: Losing 1503 Huge Oaks

And a whole mess more Southern Yellow Pine studs at the same time.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1126 E. 24th St.: HAR

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  • Oak Forest’s tranformation today reminds me of West U circa 1989-1994. When I first came to Houston, West U was full of one story brick cottages. Those have all been knocked down. Tanglewood in the late ’90’s was the same, with ranchers replaced by mini-Chateaux. Ah well, that’s progress, Houston style!

  • Meanwhile I’m over in Garden Oaks saying move east developers! move east! (But do it with style).

  • @ CurisJ
    That is a very good point. The demarcation line appears to be Ella, why is that?

  • @Gotjunk:

    Oak Forest Elementary:


    If you are going to plunk down $800k for your McMansion in the ashes of a little old ranch style house, you are going to at least need 6 years of decent pubic schools before you start shelling out $18k a head for private schools.

  • The Oak Forest/Black/Waltrip zone looks like a close fit to the section where Frank Sharp built. Weren’t those houses on the low end of the quality spectrum?

  • @Old School
    Thanks, that explains quite a bit but does not account for the many new homes being built in the Stevens district. Can you put your kids in Oak Forest even if you live in Stevens? And as an aside who are these people with elementary school age kids buying $800K+ homes that cannot afford private schools?

  • Rodrigo: the homes in the first section(s) of Oak Forest–between Wakefield and Judiway apparently were of lower quality than later builds–and that seems to be the major early epicenter of new homebuilding in Oak Forest.

    Gotjunk: I heard from a grandmother of a kindergartner at Stevens that owners of new builds zoned for Stevens are asked if they want to be zoned for Oak Forest. This doesn’t seem right, but the Lancaster Home community built on Rosslyn used to be zoned for Oak Forest and Stevens, depending upon which side of Rosslyn your house sat on, but now the entire enclave is zoned to Oak Forest.