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  • Realex builds cheap and garish looking homes. Ruining understated, established, neighborhoods, one house at a time.

  • I love Realex Homes. They offer true custom finishes not the production builder type stuff. And I like the fact that they will build homes real people can afford. Not everyone can afford a million dollar Mcmansion and not everyone wants to live in an old house with no closets and a tiny shower in the master bathroom! I’m thrilled they are in our neighborhood removing some of the blighted homes the HOA should have dealt with years ago.

  • Agree about Realex. One way to safeguard yourself from them is to get your HOA/Civic Association to ban front loading garages. One or two Architectural Committees in the area have recently done that.It’s shameful the junk they have built.The 1960’s houses will last longer than they will, IMHO.

  • I live in the Nottigham West and when I walk out my front door I see the majority of the HOMES have front loading garages. Cheap, garish homes? I recently viewed one of them at an Open House and did not see what Constance is stating above. Maybe she is just jealous she can’t afford one? What we need to BAN is owners that do not mow their grass, paint their tree trunks white, work out of their homes, not repair rotting wood or sagging garage doors. IMHO!

  • I live in Nottingham, and only the new constructions have garages in the front of the houses. Almost every old neighborhood in Houston has been plagued with the garage on the front, or “front loading” garage, on new constructions. It’s cheaper to build them that way, and the McMansion gets more yard than they would otherwise. It’s sad, but it’s just the new style. But I wouldn’t call Realex a McMansion though.It elevates them to something they aren’t. There’s something off about the proportions and exterior look to Realex, they don’t fit the neighborhood at all.I’ve heard the term “squashy looking” from neighbors.They do fit the demand for cheap,new,and in a good school district though.Not everyone can afford a McCullum Custom. To each his own.