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  • The W. Alabama and Mandell addresses are for two houses/structures at the corner of Mandell and W. Alabama, and a couple of lots just to their east were cleared 2-3 years ago. This will result in a large cleared area directly across the street from the Menil parking lot, and I think I remember reading a while back that a new art gallery (unrelated to the Menil) would be going in at this location. Anyone have knowledge of this?

  • The W. Alabama @ Mandell address is the former home of the defunct Public News (alternative weekly paper for you noobs).

  • Ha! I still have my press pass from the days when I contributed some articles! Memories….

  • The new art gallery is at Mulberry and W Alabama. I heard from a Mandell Assoc resident a while back that some Dr planned to build a structure (museum?) for his car collection at Mandell and W Alabama.

  • Yes. The W.Alabama building WAS the home of the defunct Public News ( I called it the pubic views!)