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    And let us not forget the best greatest rail system in Texas: DART Dallas Area Rapid Transit. Houston is going to seriously regret allowing John ‘Fatboy’ Culberson to screw it over rail, especially the excellent University Line. Houston will stupidly install nasty belching buses along Post Oak Blvd, instead of modern/contemporary/sleek MetroRail. Can’t wait for those rolling trash cans stopping in front of Williams Tower, Neiman Marcus, BLVD Place, etc…You Go Houston!

    Houston’s oil-gas boom/great economy, notwithstanding, DFW is about to leave Greater Houston in the dust as the preferred Texas metro, thanks to Johnny Boy (Tom DeLay, Jr.) and his ilk. If Houston were smart, it would grow a pair and find a pro-rail republican in the 7th congressional to defeat dumbass Cubby and show him the door ‘Eric Cantor-style’, and GET ON WITH RAIL…before it’s too late. BUILD RAIL HOUSTON.

    Good for DART/Dallas…Mind The Doors Please…Next stop DFW International Airport!

    Excitement around D/FW Airport’s DART station begins to build

  • How much is that doggy in the window? Woof Woof! The one with the waggly tail…..

  • @Honest Truth, blah blah blah, that’s all we hear. There hasn’t been a single valid reason given to have this Victorian era train technology obstruct our streets in order to transport a few hundred peasants at an enormous cost to everyone else.

  • They should push the red line to the airport before doing anything more.

    As for university line they should pick another route. Let them rot a while. Maybe one going down Washington or cavalcade to longpoint.