Daily Demolition Report: Neither Here Norhill

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Our demolitions are often the cause of our safety.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1101 E. 7th 1/2 St.: Realtor.com

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  • There was NOTHING wrong with this lovely, solid built brick home, big corner lot, I remember neighbor RussellN. in 8/86. Renovations. HIs pride, his new kitchen island, happy gatherings. gardens. After subsequent owners, Ridgewater Homes mngt company, renters.. A neighbor asked me to help get rid of the immigrant renters. They were fine with me. No prob at all. Some must have complained anyway, so now we’ll be living with DEMOLITION. Disturbing our peace & quiet. Gentrification drives the few remaining people of color, ordinary folk out of my neighborhood. I hate this. It’s been months of slow demolition until today BIG CRASHING, debris, smoke, stink, noise & assaulting my senses. I HATE this demolition of ordinary homes. Big $ & speculators. Feeling powerless. Houston doesn’t have a stop gentrification, or save our bungalows movement. Lack of zoning. Rules & regs. Heartsick. Another one bites the dust. When I post anything negative on “NextDoor.com” I get blasted or threatened. ((NOT my President. NOT my neighborhood))

  • I feel for you, Cathy. The value of the houses and neighborhoods that are being demolished cannot be reduced to monetary terms. I fear that when the established trees, houses, and population of a neighborhood have been lost, that much of the appeal of the neighborhood goes with them as well.
    It’s a case of killing the goose that laid the golden eggs.
    There are those who will eagerly mansplain to us why we’re wrong. They cannot be reasoned with. Ignore them.

  • @Cathy, we USED to have a grassroots organization called Save the Bungalows, but I guess it died out. It was covered in various news outlets 10-12 years ago:

    There is a commercial outfit dedicated to preserving and renovating bungalows called Bungalow Revival: http://www.bungalowrevival.com/