Daily Demolition Report: No Wasted Space

331 W. 18th St., Houston Heights

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Fear not, what can’t be saved will start anew.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 331 W. 18th St.: HAR

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  • It’s such a shame that someone went through 331 W. 18th St and put in such horrific finishes. When I first saw the cover photo I thought, you can’t be serious, they’re going to demo that house? A two story Heights home built in 1910?! Then I saw all the ridiculous finishes, the tile floors, ugly kitchen, Spanish tile bathrooms… it would be so expensive to make that house look reasonable you might as well just tear it down and build yet another multi-unit complex.

  • @Stella
    Uh… what!?!? This house is not a tear down because of a couple of ugly of ugly bathrooms and ugly tile in the den. A total redo of those spaces is par for the course for renovating such a house anyway. Most of the house shows its original finishes.