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  • Croix Custom Homes, doing their part to foul the neighborhood with cheesy architectural designs and faux stucco…

  • @ markd

  • Croix builds what sells. I assure you if the market was interested in something else, they would be happy to do it. people really love this crap…part of the reason is they relocate to Houston from parts north and east of here, where this is a novelty. send a picture of this house back to Cleveland, and people think you’re living like Pablo Escobar here. what they don’t see is the inexplicable 5,000 sf lot in (big ole’) Texas!!!

  • My friend lives in the brick 4-plex on the corner at Peden.The sweet old man next door has had multiple offers for his house, but has turned them all down. It’s just a matter of time until the whole block goes down.

  • Kudos to the owners who masterfully decomposed that property in the pic making demolition painless.

  • I’d say it’s more like Croix builds whatever they can get away with selling.

    Not like their customers know too much about what they’re buying anyway, if they’re willing to pay the prices Croix asks for the cheap finishes and low attention to detail. I think they even refer to these places as, ahem, “custom”.

    Might play well in Royal Oaks.

  • And Mike Croix laughs all the way to the bank while passing you self proclaimed architectural connoisseurs in your run down turn of the century health hazard shanties.

  • Who is Michael Croix anyway?
    OK he’s a local guy, mid 40’s, Sam Hou grad, but, all of a sudden he’s on the Big Board? building in Carlton Woods?
    Awesome, I’m jealous and my livelihood is quite a bit dependent upon his type…

  • Yea commonsense, lot’s of “meh” makes bank in Houston. Croix pretty much is the epitome of meh, and that legacy will be left on the neighborhood. Meh.

  • I enjoy when spec house builders, such as Croix, advertise their spec houses as “custom.” “Custom” to whom, exactly? Certainly not the buyer.

  • Hey, that’s the same “custom home” that went up on at least three lots in my neighborhood!

  • I live a couple of blocks from the house at 1332 Laird (the pink house in the picture). This house, and many of the others in my immediate neighborhood, need to be torn down. Most of the old houses have not been taken care of in many years, and are a hazard.