Daily Demolition Report: Now Landing Bayou

More Wheeler fortune, a school demo, apartments, plus homes. It’s all in today’s list:


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 1923 Santa Rosa St.: HAR

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  • Depending on the accuracy of the tax records, this land and adjacent tracts are owned by Metro Transit Authority, UH, with a few private owners sprinkled in.

    Are there signs up about transit development?

  • I wonder what will go up when Bayou Landing goes down.

  • Me too, they were truly a blight on North MacGregor.

  • They have wasted no time in knocking down the many buildings at Bayou Landing on North MacGregor. I noticed last week that more than half of them are gone…only the slabs are left.

    Surprisingly, I also noticed a sign had been erected with the web address “www.goodhope.org” which is the website for the megachurch down the block (Good Hope Missionary Baptist).

    By perusing a bit on the web, I also found evidence that the same church recently began an HISD-affiliated charter school. Could the plans for this site have something to do with the school?

    Regardless, IMHO anything is better than those nasty apartments that were on the site!