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  • It’s a real shame to see these rancho fabuloso houses from the 60’s and 70’s go, their character captures a style and trend in America not likely to come back in great numbers, and once it’s gone it’s gone.

    This one looked like the love child of Bushwood Country Club and the Houston Junior League building on the inside, but remove the Boise State football field, consign grandma’s victorian chandelier collection, remove grandpa’s smoke infested wood paneling and replace with a mix of ranch-modern interior and 21st century awesome…this place would rock.

    I get it when you tear down post WWII crappola bungalows with one bedroom and no closets, but in defense of this house it IS over 4,000 square feet and appears to have an open floor plan.

    Mansard roof withstanding, and perhaps that’s even a bit dismissive, this house is a winner.

  • Is Tanglewood a bad neighborhood? That house is like Fort Knox, with the bars on the windows and the triple locks on the doors.