Daily Demolition Report: Old Macedonia

More buildings by the bayou go bye-bye, plus other assorted demolitional delights — in today’s edition of the knock-’em-down report:


Commercial and Community Structures


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  • What’s up with Bayou Landing Apartments? I can’t imagine that there’s money out there right now to redevelop the site. Was the complex condemned?

  • No kidding, that tract is huge.

  • I don’t know what the plans are for the Bayou Landing site, but BRING IT! I just bought a house nearby and can’t wait for more bulldozer action. There are some great salvageable houses and stores in the area, but not many apartments that are worth touching up from what I’ve seen. Most of the rough edges of the neighborhood seem to be associated with the ubiquitous slummy apartments dotting the area, not to mention the occasional crackhouse.