Daily Demolition Report: Orchestral Maneuver

Let’s see if we can belt a good one out here.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1330 Overhill St.: HAR

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  • per 1705 Wakefield: Perry Homes has quite a few empty lots in the area that have sat now for months with no takers, so we’ll see.

  • Re 2201 Wirt Road/Hilton Town Apts: From Googlemaps, it appears these are the last buildings to go of what was once a very large complex on a large tract of land. Any idea of what all this land will become?

  • This week I received a shiny full-color foldout flyer from Perry Homes proudly announcing their presence in GOOF. (H/t whoever came up with the “GOOF” acronym.)

  • GOOF? Godzillas of Oak Forest?

  • Garden Oaks/Oak Forest.

  • GOOF sounds horrible, it’s about the same as EADO.

    Just asinine.

  • They’ve been tearing down the Hilton Town for two decades now. I wonder if the Libyan businessman still owns the land?

    That part of Spring Branch has a lot of little old gem neighborhoods. Unfortunately their appeal is greatly limited by all of the clapped-out apartment complexes and businesses geared towards low-income hispanic immigrants. It’s too bad.