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  • I wonder if Milford was severely damaged by Ike, or if this was the plan all along. You have to wonder if the previous owners of some of the impeccably-maintained old homes knew the fate of their homes when they sold. This one is beautiful in nearly every way.

  • omg – 1618 Milford is as pretty as a postcard!

  • Forgive my newness to your blog, but they aren’t really destroying these beautiful old houses are they???

  • @Shannon:

    Naah. They’re just being replanted in that great subdivision in the sky.

  • This one *may* be a false alarm. I drove by today and the house looked very much lived in – Halloween decorations in the yard, etc. There was a construction dumpster in the driveway, and it looked like the garage at the back of the property was getting knocked down.