Daily Demolition Report: Out of Gas

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

This is your last chance Texaco.


Commercial Structures


Photo of Tiger Mart, 2111 Fannin St.: Candace Garcia

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  • What’s going up in place of the ghetto Texaco on Fannin?

  • I that texaco on fannin being torn down?

  • Good, that building was a blight.

    Now the bus station!

  • the West Gray knockdown is interesting. I wonder if it will be more parking for Barnaby’s, new retail, or town homes…

  • I hope a high rise will take the gas stations place

  • The listing says Exxon, but the address is for the world’s scariest Texaco. That confused me briefly.

  • Downtown Exxon?

  • Sad to see Houstons only (fake) Richard Meier building demolished.

  • That is the “Tiger Mart” Texaco that got sued by the State in February. It looks like the owner entered into an agreed temporary restraining order with the State in which they agree to a bunch of safety measures as well as to refrain from selling loose cigs and meth making supplies, among other things (proposed order on the web has not been signed by the court yet). I wonder whether the property got sold or whether the landowner got rid of whoever was operating the gas station. I am sure that Texaco was not pleased to learn that their franchisee had signed a TRO with the State.

  • Gas stations are so ungreen. Midtown is supposed to be all trains and bikes anyway.
    Hopefully they’ll construct a cool mixed use midrise there.

  • Win.

  • What Joel said.

  • Advantage BMW’s service loaners will now have somewhat less than an actually full tank.

    And I’ve been in way scarier gas stations – this one was really about a .3 on the Rob Zombie scale.

  • I quit going there because every single time I was standing there pumping gas into my truck, someone would come up and ask for money. Same goes for that McDonald’s across the street. Didn’t know they were selling meth supplies, but I guess it’s because I never asked. ;)

  • That building was WAY to scary to go near. BMW would recommend buying fuel elsewhere for their loaner cars.

    I bet Advantage BMW Midtown bought it to build another freeway-level “display area.”

  • I just read on HAIF that someone drove by this place and the demo work seems to be on the carwash.

    Would they be doing it in stages?

  • I went to High Fashion Fabrics on Elgin early this evening and made a side trip down to see this station.

    It sure looked like business as usual. No sign of closure. Of course, it was getting dark and I didn’t tary but the lights were ablaze and cars were there.