Daily Demolition Report: Poppin’ Popeye’s

These are the raw materials we have to work with. Once we get them down to their raw materials.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2241 Albans St.: HAR

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  • It’s always sad to see traditional homes like this example that fit the neighborhood in scale and style be bulldozed instead of renovated, it’s Russian Roulette for older homes in established desired neighborhoods.

  • Wasn’t that Albans home on the market for $1 million? I guess the economics still work for a new build when you’ve got a double lot. wow.

  • Ugh. That Albans house has so much potential but has been sitting on the market overpriced in a likely estate sale. I can only imagine the scale of the monster that will be built in order for the spec home to make money.

  • Aw, Queensbury is (was) cute!

  • I had never heard of 5177 builders so a quick google search turns up that it’s a Frank Liu company. Anyone know what Liu’s up to with an offshoot of Lovett Homes taking over so many projects?

  • 1 $1mm knockdown. Unreal. I wonder if the builder would let people salvage materials prior to knockdown.

  • Demolition companies factor in salvage value during the bid process. If they can take can take it out and sell it, they will.

  • @doofus:

    5177 Builders has created a number of the brutish grey boxes that are cropping up in the parts of West U that hadn’t already been McMansionized.