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  • bye bye 1749 sul ross. my home for 9 years. to be torn down to expand the neighbors garden.

    9 year totals:
    4 roomates
    7 noise complaints “weve been called out here before sir”
    1 night of fun with boxes of fake movie snow
    2 car break-ins
    1 front yard fistfight with real blood on the movie snow ..best comment “wow, looks…looks like a movie”
    1 fugitive running through the property to be nabbed by the HPD
    1 “electrical event” when a falling tree slowly ripped out the power and fried a ton of appliances

  • I’m amazed anyone can afford to buy Montrose property to expand their garden. The mind boggles.

  • JPSivco, I had 1749 Sul Ross for years before I sold it to you. Sorry we never had a chance to meet at the closing. We had that horrible hurricane the day before closing and I thought for sure you were going to back out. I cried that day, it was my first house and I was so emotional about letting it go. I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed the property for the last 9 years.

  • The new owner lives in a $1.3 million palace on Branard that backs up to the multiple properties that he owns in that block of Sul Ross. I guess he’s just determined to own the entire BLK 9 of LANCASTER PLACE EXTN 3.

    He already owns:
    LTS 5 THRU 8 TRS 4 & 9A, where the palace isTRS 3 & 4A, presumably the existing gardenTRS 2 & 3A, JPSivco’s old place, and Mary’s before that, where the new garden extension will be.TRS 9 & 10A on Branard, next door to the palace, are owned by the same LLC that just tore down JPSivco’s house for a garden.

    He can’t have TR 1 because St. Stephens owns it. He may or may not own TRS 1A & 2A; they’re listed as CURRENT OWNER under a P.O. box. The only other individuals on that block are on TRS 10 & 11A and TRS 11 & 12A (same owner for these two properties) and on TR 12 BLK 9.