Daily Demolition Report: Rutland Rutlot

2411 Reinerman St., Cottage Grove, Houston

Sure, set your sights on these small fry, but there’s no telling what we could blow up if we put our minds to it.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2411 Reinerman St.: HAR

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  • 1205 Rutland is the former chicken plant. As far as I know, plans for the new builds are still pending HAHC approval.
    And someone apparently just paid upwards of $56/s.f. for Heights dirt north of 20th, and the Sunset Heights lot went for $50/s.f.. Not sure if this reflects an “outside the HD” premium, or if that’s just the going rate now.

  • The chicken plant property is for sale again. Guess my multiple emails to the HAHC begging them to approve the Bastian plans went unheeded (we own a house on that block and would have loved to see his project move forward).