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  • Based on HCAD records, National Flame & Forge owns essentially the entire city block bordered by Ashland, Rutland, 24th and 25th Streets, plus the property on the north face of 25th St from Rutland to about halfway between Ashland and Nicholson (Ashland is interrupted between 25th and 26th Streets).
    The land is currently platted for ~85 lots, each w/ 25 ft of frontage and alley access. The 25 lots on the south face of 25th St are only 100-ft deep, however, as opposed to 132-ft elsewhere.
    A little bird tells me that this parcel is being offered for around $8M, or about $30/sf. Maybe someone should call HEB.

  • Thanks, I was wondering about the demolition and the platting. Anyone with any more details? Any comments about possible need for soil remediation?

  • I’m thinking remediation with a capital R.