Daily Demolition Report: Separation on Saint James Place

614 Hyde Park Blvd., Montrose, Houston

Today, we mark the end of a well-known Houston wedding venue — along with a few lesser known marriage venues.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 614 Hyde Park Blvd.: HAR

One Comment

  • Sad about thy building in Hyde Park. I thought it was pretty cool. That was on our to do list before we decided to bail on Montrose. Sadly there is no way a new owner could have dealt with the city on that one to keep it and no way the current owner could have made the city happy.
    Another one lost to the red tag crew.
    (But yes, I fully admit that something newer and nicer will pop up in its place and that the existing building a
    Is a bit of a beater. But it also means bye-bye to several more affordable Montrose apartments.