Daily Demolition Report: Squeezing Sharman

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Commercial Structures


Photo of North Ticket Booth, Reliant Astrodome: Jim Ellwanger [license]

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  • Next week Monday October 7 at 5:30pm AIA Houston is hosting a Save the Dome Coalition presentation to educate the public on the importance of saving the Astrodome (the actual dome, not these ticket booths.).County Judge Ed Emmett and Harris County Sports and Convention Corp Chairman Edgar Colon will explore the facts and myths surrounding Harris County Proposition 2 on the ballot November 5th.
    The event is free and open to the public and will be at Architecture Center Houston – 315 Capitol, Suite 120 Houston, TX 77002. Oct 7 @ 5:30pm.

  • my personal wishlist for reasonable cost city road connection project — bring Westview drive to connect into Hempstead Highway.

    Currently, there is no way to get from 11th street (Timbergrove/Heights-ish) across 610 to anything Spring Branch area.

    Seems like a doable deal, especially when I see this industrial building coming down and the connection would go underneath already taken freeway work.

  • Aww man.. That pic of the dome was tease! Soon enough I guess, soon enough..

  • The polls show support for saving the Dome, it will disappoint some of you I know, but alas majority rules.

  • HTX REZ: I think the connection that you described would do a lot to revitalize Spring Branch East. Another idea I just had is bridging Hempstead and the train tracks at Clay/W 43d, Kempwood/W 34th, and/or Long Point/W 18th.

  • Check out the google street view for 1918 erastus. Thats why my water bill is so high.

  • It’s easy to get to Westview. Out 11th to Hempstead, left on Post Oak, Right on Westview.

  • Ross: Shhhh!

    But seriously, the Heights as a whole has great access to most parts of Houston, everything cannot be right outside your door.

  • @Mr. Clean19: That looks like it’s on purpose, probably cleaning out the lines.