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  • Does this mean that mid-rise condo tower that was planned for this location is coming back?

    I won’t get my hopes up, but….

  • I spent many an hour in the bar at River Cafe. My wife worked there before I knew her. Oh well, I don’t guess there were going to be many “sboney ate here” historical plaques going up anyway.

    Goodbye River Cafe you served a wonderful Stoli greyhound and made the 80’s a wonderful time be in my twenties with an expense account.

  • Good times indeed. I enjoyed many a cold beer and cocktail outside on the sidewalk. RIP River Cafe.

  • Please please please oh Unknown Developer whatever you build, put ground floor retail in, not a parking garage.

  • Please not another gas station! They just built a gas station on an empty lot around the corner from there about across the street from a shell with another shell one block away. I don’t want to see Montrose become a neighborhood of gas stations.

  • Yeah, whatever. It was a pretty nice restaurant and it stayed open kinda late-ish. I went there several times, way more recently than the 80s. That whole Riparian thing was just a stupid distraction. How about another restaurant, instead?

  • @JM, if you’re talking about the corner of Montrose and Alabama, that corner actually used to have THREE gas stations on it. There was an Exxon that morphed into Montrose Car Care sometime in the 1980s. The spiffy new Chevron was built on the husk of a station that was there previously. I believe the previous station was also a Chevron.

  • P.S., if you’re headed east-west on Alabama / W. Alabama, that is the only corner with gas between San Jacinto and the little neighborhood where W. Alabama peters out west of Weslayan. They tore down the Chevron at Kirby to put up the relocated Chase motor bank. There’s a convenience store at Timmons, but they don’t have gas.

  • I hope they are actually going to DO something on that lot now – while I was sad to see the River Cafe close years ago, looking at the shell of a restaurant for the past few years has just been depressing.

  • Never ate at the River Cafe, but I always liked its sign–I thought the neon set in the recessed letter shapes looked cool.