Daily Demolition Report: Taming the Thicket

First we crush ’em, then we crush ’em. Then we crush ’em and haul ’em away.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 803 Kipling St.: HAR

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  • Dang! I hate to see 803 Kipling go — I kept hoping someone would fix it up, but I guess a burned-out house doesn’t have the same allure for everyone.

  • Is anyone else struck by the copy in that HAR listing on this house?

    All those -‘s- for plurals. Or should I type “plural’s”?


  • What an idiot! I’m assuming he doesn’t know “HISTORIC AND LOVED MONTOSE” very well.

  • I happened across this house awhile back and I was struck by it’s beauty. It’s sad to see it go, but in this case, I see the need. At least they have restrictions on what must be built in it’s place.

    ‘s for Pyewacket.

  • The other grammar oddity is that the ‘s-es are the only lower case characters.

  • The problem I have with this type error is when young people see it in print, they may tend to think it is correct usage.

    I agree though, sad to see an old beauty leave this world.

    Benjy–right, as if an afterthought.

  • Most have been waiting for a year for it to finally be demolished. From the looks of it, demolition was the only option. “Crispy critter” is the best way to describe what lies beyond the windows. I doubt there is even anything salvageable from the house.

    Should prove interesting to see what replaces is.

  • Kind of a nice home from the street, is it totally burned out inside? Rode by there a couple days ago.

  • Yeah, it’s pretty well totally burned out. I think it’s safe to say it would have taken a bunch of Pledge to get the woodwork in shape again …