Daily Demolition Report: The Clearing of Oak Forest

We’ve got some time. Can we make a clean sweep of it?


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1570 Hewitt Dr.: HAR

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  • At this rate, Oak Forest will be a completely new subdivision in a year.

  • Wow, just WOW!

  • I think its a shame in a way what is happening. I don’t mind a few tear downs, but I think the neighborhood would have a lot more character with some more restorations/additions. Wakefield seems to be ground zero.

  • 12 in one day! This must be some sort of record, even for Oak Forest.

  • The thing about Oak Forest is you’ve got these giant lots and these rather small houses. I don’t like all the tear-downs either (I live in this area myself) but the new builds would be fine if so many of them weren’t so…mundane and predictable, like the lick-and-stick limestone facades that Swamplot jokes about so often. It’s really tired.

  • Is a perimeter forming around the Petrol Station?

  • KC:

    Wikipedia claims Oak Forest has 5,523 homes. If we assume 200 or so have already been replaced – that may be low – it would take about 15 months (based on a 7 day a week schedule, which can’t happen) for permits to take all of them down to march through the system.

    So still less than 2 years, with some days off. Yikes!

  • Nealio:

    From the Section map on the Oak Forest website, it appears the Petrol Station is not in Oak Forest, but is just east of the most easterly boundary of Section 1, which is Golf Street.

    It is not in Garden Oaks, either.

  • Demolition started Monday (2/11) at 1570 Hewitt–it was completely gone by Valentines’s Day.