Daily Demolition Report: The Halves and the Haven’ts

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

In this edition some Alabama shotguns meet the firing squad. Plus other demo details:



Photo of 5545 Sugar Hill Dr.: HAR

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  • All those row homes on Alabama were being sold as rental properties for some time. Guess someone finally bought them to knock them down.
    Even though they were ugly and ‘shanty’ looking, I liked them (for some reason). I think you could clean them all up and they’d be cute little student rentals.
    And since they were all their own single family units, you wouldn’t have quite the hassle with the city with respects to CoO.
    Anyway, Midtown Redevelopment has nothing on their site about this as a project or what their going to do. Google comes up with nada as well. Now I’m curious…

  • The fact that the pictured house in Tanglewood is a teardown literally turns my stomach. I’m no overly sentimental, don’t-ever-tear-anything-down type and I recognize the need and/or acceptablity for tearing houses/buildings down. But that? At least pick something that’s ugly.

  • I love that Alabama stretch of colorful little shot-gun shacks too. Looks to me like a Route 66 motel complex.