Daily Demolition Report: The Marshall Plan

We’re headed now for some fine, fine destruction.


Community Structures


Photo of 1712 Marshall St.: HAR

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  • AAAWWW, I’ve always had a soft spot for that house.

  • A rare Spanish Colonial revival cottage from the 1920s..eh…who needs em….miss_msry…I hear you, but it’s hard to keep a soft spot from growing hard living in Houston.

  • 1712 Marshall is in Winlow Place, which, if I’m not mistaken, has some fairly strong deed restrictions and an active civic club. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but not too tightly.

  • I always dreamed of buying this one.

  • That demolition on Marshall street is a real loss.

  • If, somehow, it doesn’t get demolished, it could always end up looking as majestic as 1708 Marshall (the house next door to it).

  • Current owner: BLACKSTONE HOMES LLC

    Yeah, its going down….

  • I know exactally where that is. I always liked that place. There are a lot of cool old places that need some help in that area. If not bought up by people that want to upgrade and fix them (and/or live in them) then *boom*.
    I’ve fixed up a few and have the city scars to prove it.

  • What a charming house, perfectly sized for the lot. I like the painterly exterior colors, terra-cotta and celadon with the touch of yellow in the tiles. Someone had a very clever eye.
    I avoid shelter magazines, as they only foster envy and discontent in me. It’s surprising how much inspiration there is to be found just in the soon-to-be-demolished houses on swamplot.

  • Winlow Place will only allow replacement with a single, single family home. It is unfortunate that this beauty is going though. This house is a rare spanish bungalow and adds great diversity.

  • It’s too bad that bungalow is not in California. It would have a much better chance there. Unfortunately, California seems to have ceded its tastemaking power.
    (If that bungalow were in California, it wouldn’t be able to find a job! It wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of living! It would face a crushing state debt! And it’s all the fault of environmentalists! There, my post contained its own nonsensical non sequitur of a rebuttal. Efficient.)

  • Tearing down the house: done. As of afternoon Monday 2/25 all that was there was those red tile stairs leading to nowhere and a huge rubble pile….I walked past it and couldn’t remember what the house looked like, then remembered to search swamplot for it, and oh yeah I remember seeing that in the Daily Demolition. Glad someone is taking pix of these before they go down. Maybe I’ll send in an “after” when the new house goes up.