Daily Demolition Report: The Plot To Kill Sheraton-Lincoln

A 28-story long-abandoned see-through Downtown hotel demolished for the views — but: the underground parking will be spared. (Phew!) Also: finishing off the Ella Square Apartments, and no more swimming at Candlelight Trails.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 711 Polk St.: CB Richard Ellis

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  • 5134 Lindsay has been a vacant lot for at least the past 5 years. What gives?

  • This is not the first time that the COH permit office has been extremely s-l-o-w in publishing demolitions. The reason why is anybody’s guess. Can’t be because they’re
    “overworked and underpaid” can it?

  • Hopefully, the former Holiday Inn downtown next to the Pierce elevated will be the next to be demolished…..the worst eyesore downtown.

  • Days inn, but that’s merely semantics.