Daily Demolition Report: The Roy Yale Treatment

A big city full of buildings, and yet we can only tear down these:


Commercial Structures


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  • Ah, Big City Motors…One of the eyesores on my way into work will soon be dealt with. Now, what about the Days Inn and the Sheraton Lincoln?

  • The house on Yale was too far gone. A collapsed rough and huge amounts of decay can be dealt with, but only if the location makes it worthwhile. It’s hard to put $80K+ into a building on Yale St.
    Nearby Woodland Heights has had a few recent tear-downs too, but there is a LOT of remodeling going on too. See my recent post on the neighborhood where I live.

  • Okay, so I couldn’t spell roof. It must be time for bed…Rich

  • That entire BLOCK OF Yale needs to be dealt with. Glad to hear this one is coming down — perhaps the neighboring houses will follow.