Daily Demolition Report: The Wrecker of Wakefield

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Come see what the little bird ate:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1311 Wakefield Dr.: HAR

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  • Looks like the Wakefield house is another one of those “after the fact” demo permit applications.

    Or, could it be they *really* do want to demo the new house?? As if.

  • For unknown reasons, this block of Wakefield (especially on the north side of the street) has been the subject of more tear-down/re-builds than any other block in Oak Forest or Garden Oaks that I have seen.

    Anyone know why all the wrecking ball karma is concentrated here?

  • According to a co-worker who lives on that block, two words: “Mel Reyna”. Numerous retirees and original owners live in Section 1 and Reyna allegedly trolls the obituaries to buy homes for a song on 7000+ sq. ft. lots. Don’t know if this is gossip or fact, but if it’s a new Oak Forest McMansion, it’s a good bet that his name is on the “For Sale” sign.

  • Hellsing:

    That name is seen a lot over there. One would think the “for a song” element would go away pretty quickly, especially when you have 10-15 transactions in a single block. No greedy heirs out there?

  • I don’t know about this situation exactly, but I’m in a demographic of middle-aged homeowners who have very old parents in postwar tract houses. I’m not in a position to let my mom’s house sit empty in a different town when she eventually passes away, and I don’t think I can afford the taxes and upkeep on it indefinitely since I have my own to pay. Emotionally it would be nice to hang onto my childhood home, but the truth is that anyone coming up with a fair offer will probably get my attention. My guess is that the situation is similar in this neighborhood.

  • There’s another potential teardown in the 1800 block of Wakefield. And Im sure Mr. Reyna has been sniffing around that one too. He’s succesful for a reason, folks. Drive up and down the streets of Shepherd Forest & Garden Oaks and count his signs.

  • No problem with selling an unwanted house. My co-worker said she has been told by two neighbors that they received sale solicitation letters within ten days of loved ones being laid to rest. That’s either a weird coincidence or just….ick.

  • Seems lawyers aren’t the only ones that chase ambulances.

    Agree, ick.

  • Trolling the obits is not a new practice. Developers were doing it in West University in the 1980s.

  • If you ever had dealing with Mr. Reyna, none of this would surprise you.

    Unfortunately, some of the least ethical people in real estate are the most successful.

    I guess it’s the same way in most business.