Daily Demolition Report: Threading the Landscape

At it again with Etheridge and Steffani:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2111 Del Monte Dr.: HAR

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  • The Del Monte home doesn’t even look like it needs renovations… it looks nice to move in to…. wow.

  • Del Monte? Really? I guess that you can’t be the master of the universe in someone else’s universe.

  • Look at the beautiful Del Monte house. Lovely brick, great ivy, nice landscaping, and a sense of scale that fits the block. Then, take a gander at the monster next door (right side of photo). The section of Del Monte between Shepherd and Kirby has seen so many tear downs that the charm is pretty much gone. The difference between Del Monte and, say, Brentwood, is massive.

  • It seems like Houston tears down perfectly nice homes, and ignores the ones that need to be put out of their misery.

  • This is the kind of house noted architect/author Christopher Alexander might laud for being an example of the “Timeless Way of Building”. What comes after will almost certainly be a travesty