Daily Demolition Report: Traditionally Trachled

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

There are only the demolished, the demolishing, the busy and the tired.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 3415 Overbrook Ln.: Realtor.com

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  • First, thanks for having the “Daily Demolition” feature. Somewhat paradoxically, it teaches me about the various neighborhoods and styles of architecture by showing what’s being demolished.
    I also enjoy the enigmatic comments which accompany each day’s listing.
    It also reveals that I must have a masochistic streak, and today it’s titillated beyond belief. What gorgeous houses! All appear to be well-maintained, and several have recent updates.
    And the question isn’t whether their replacements will be awful; it’s the degree of awfulness that remains to be seen.
    Also, I’m unaware that people can do with their own property and own money what they want to, so someone be sure to point that out to me.

  • Big Tex- people can legally do with their money and property as they wish.

  • My guess is the Meyerland and Walnut Bend homes may have flooded. As for the River Oaks mansion… I just don’t know why anyone would want to tear that one down.

  • J: No where did Big Tex say anything to contradict. That doesn’t make it any less of a bummer to see some nice old house blown up so that some pile of crap can be built.

  • It has become fashionable in River Oaks to buy a classy, well maintained and updated original River Oaks home and demo it to build a 7,000 sq ft architectural nightmare with some odd combination of turrets, a Mission style roof, lick and stick brick and giant floor to ceiling first floor doors so everyone can see your overpriced custom dining room table and Chihuly knock off chandelier. You get extra points for smashing a house designed by a prominent architect like Staub or MacKie and Kramath. In case you get poo pooed at ROC by an older member for taking down a classic, you have in your pocket an elaborate cover story about how you planned a stunning renovation and hired a preservationist who worked on several Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Oak Park, but after spending six figures on plans you found out that every stud in the house had been ravaged by mold encrusted termites and the house was only being held up by the brick exterior and the hardwood floors.

  • Cody, that was tongue in cheek. Big Tex gets it. I’m surprised you don’t. I’ve been in that house. The owners weighed the options.