Daily Demolition Report: Turkey Trail

1 Turkey Trail, Houston

Hmmm . . . Wasn’t there some kind of fancy estate designed by some feller named John Staub for sale on Turkey Trail just a short while ago?

Well, it looks like the land is still available!



Photo of 1 Turkey Trail: HAR

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  • 7 Turkey Trail which I think is part of this 6+ acre parcel was designed by Wiley Vale.

  • 2 Turkey Trail was designed by Wylie W. Vale for a client named F.E. Carlton. It was a small ranch house with redwood on the inside. It was remodeled by Mr. Vale in either 2001 or 2003 for a man named Ben Crocker, who owned the house at the time.

  • Now 3 and 9 Turkey Trail are going . . . any info on those?