Daily Demolition Report: Two By Two

3815 Revielle St., Gulfgate, Houston, 77087

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Update, 11:30am: Holy Rosary Church has confirmed to Swamplot that demolition is planned for a nearby property, and not for 3600 Travis St. as listed in the permit issued by the city. The photo of the church property has been removed; more info here.

Two can play at that game, but four will come down.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 3815 Revielle St.: LoopNet

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  • Wait, don’t demolish that church, I think I saw Jeebus in the stain on the door.

  • Does anyone know why they are tearing down Holy Rosary? It’s a such a pretty old (by Houston standards) church.

  • I’ve emailed the Parish office to see if it is the church itself or another structure on the property. This would be heartbreaking to me and my family. Two of my sibling got married here and it a beautiful church. I wished they still built them like this today.

  • I’m not saying it has to be used as a church forever, but seriously, who is the asshole who is tearing this down?

    The church could easily be converted to a museum, office space or even condos. Don’t take away the awesome architecture it provides. Unfortunately, they can probably jam 25 million dollar townhomes on that lot a lot faster and cheaper than creating a profitable second use of the building. If I lived there, I would be fighting this.

    If the church is tearing it down to build a new church, I guess that’s okay though

  • link to the demolition filing? church website and bulletin gives no indication of the church going away

  • Church web site shows a going concern and only mentions renovations; no signs of distress. Permit must be for an out building or some such thing.

  • I formerly lived in the former Woodland Baptist Church in the Woodland Heights, converted to 18 condo lofts. My unit was in the former Narthex. Absolutely beautiful units. It would be a great shame to lose such a beautiful building. Hopefully, it’s just an outbuilding.

  • Komatsu Kommunion

  • The church recently acquired property in the block bordered by Milam, Berry, Louisiana, and Holman and has installed new gates and signage across Berry fronting Milam. One of the priests at the church informed me a few weeks ago that they intend to use the land for additional parking in the short term and to secure space for future expansion if required.

  • They are tearing down two story victorian old south end house at the corner of Holman and Louisiana that is no longer structurally sound. Swamplot should probably fact check a little better before posting this with a picture of the church which defies logic. Thanks.

  • NetInterestMartian–
    This is the link to the permitting site: http://www.cohtora.houstontx.gov/approot/soldpermits/online_permit.htm
    Search for project number 16011281.

  • I’m with turning basin. How many times has some great place been shown and then you find out its a garage coming down?

  • Commenter7: “I would be fighting this.”
    How do you go about fighting someone knocking down their own property? If you want to keep it, buy it.
    There are many things I’d like others to do with their properties to benefit me. “Sadly”, we have rights to do what we want with our own property.
    (though I believe the story was wrong, but the point remains)

  • Cody – I would pull deed restrictions. Many churches have reverter clauses where the property reverts to a different owner if used for a different purpose. I get your point. if there’s no restrictions though you can’t prevent. Doesn’t mean that making an effort to do something good is wasted time. Too many people sit passively by while everything goes to crap.