Daily Demolition Report: Under Burress

Avoid the Labor Day rush: Get your building knocked down now! Here’s a listing of a few of this town’s smart demo shoppers:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 5026 Jackwood St.: HAR

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  • There is a wonderful, 1958 vintage home in the Timbergrove/Lazybrook area that will soon be expanded instead of destroyed. Despite the bad advice from realtors and neighbors who told the owner that his best and only option was “tear it down and build something new”, the history and neighborhood integrity of the house will be honored and the house will remain, expanded, improved and upgraded to contemporary home comforts. I am the architect for this important project and my goal is to prove that these neighborhoods, and these wonderful older homes from the 50’s and 60’s, don’t have to go away. We will add a modern kitchen, move the laundry room inside out of the garage, add dining space, add a large master suite with all the comforts expected in the large master bathroom, and generally improve the living space of this classic example of Houston residential architecture. Without tearing down the house, from the street elevation, you will hardly notice any change. And also without spending a king’s ransom. Stay tuned…more to come.

  • Glad to hear this, Ben. There are a lot of great mid-century homes in that area. Perhaps because I am of a similar vintage, I think more of them should be refurbished instead of automatically trashed when they start to show THEIR age.