Daily Demolition Report: University Graduate

2102 McDuffie St., Summit Place, Vermont Commons, Montrose, Houston

Congratulations on completing the structured part of your education. Here’s your diploma.



Photo of 2102 McDuffie St.: HAR

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  • I always wanted to buy that mcduffie house, but could never see a sign for sale. Shame that a structure that survived so much neglect will now be gone. Would have loved to have refurbished that house.

  • That swamp roof has NOTHING on the roof of the house across the street from (the old) La Strada
    (Yeah, it’s still the la strata bld to me. Get off my lawn!)

  • That house on Mcduffie was way beyond repair. The backside had almost completely caved in. I would love to see a craftsman style home built there as opposed to a single or double townhome, but hey, I didnt buy it, so its not up to me.

  • McDuffie was WAY beyond repair. You’d have more fun building a fire pit and tossing all your money into it.

    I lived a block away for a decade, until recently. Always assumed it was vacant, until I found out it wasn’t.

  • Cody, do you know what the story is on that house (323 Westheimer?) Talk about overgrown…