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  • 1814 Wakefield’s demise is long overdue. Foreclosure is a b***h.

  • Oak Forest mows ’em down daily. Is it the new Braes Heights? Seems that way. I think it’s the largest defined neighborhood in Houston. And has no apartments.

  • Oak Forest is second in size behind Sharpstown. My section hasn’t seen any tear downs but then again, our section was built out of bricks in the 1950s. Having grown up in family-friendly Westbury during the 70s, I’m really happy to have found Oak Forest.

  • Oak Forest has at a few small apartment complexes at Rosslyn & 43rd and on 43 between Glebe & Donna Bell. A few sit just adjacent–Oak Forest and Judiway (on the south side, so not techically in Oak Forest, I think) and the large complexes along Watonga between 43rd and 34th (adjacent to, but not in, Oak Forest).