Daily Demolition Report: Watts Happening

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Here’s our new Marshall plan: a cloud of dust, a few piles of debris, and plenty of rubbish to carry away.


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 1507 Marshall St.: HAR

3 Comment

  • Wow. The Marshall Street home deserved better..

  • damn, they’re going to demo that house? Crazy that it would be profitable or feasible to do so.
    I have a house on Marshall (200 block in Westmoreland). I couldn’t see demoing it and rebuilding a new place. Seems there is enough ‘value’ to fix up or add on vs. demo/rebuild.

  • Wow. I grew up in that house in the 1950s. It was so pretty, with hardwood floors and lots of trees. Now just another McMansion stands there. My grandparents’ house on Graustark is now an apartment building. Glad I don’t live in Houston anymore.