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  • What I have been dreading for years has finally happened. The first home my parents bought in Houston, the house we moved into when I was 18 months old and where we lived when my brother was born in 1958 has hit the Swamplot demolition list.

    The house stayed in the family until about 5 years ago.

    Goodbye 1510 Cheshire Lane. You were a good little house, and I can still remember listening to the attic fan on many a steamy, summer night.

  • The problem is, that most builders are currently fraudulently filling out the Deed Restriction affidavit when submitting drawings to the city. Almost half of the new construction projects are not getting submitted to Oak Forest for architectural approval. There seems to be no penalty for contractors that do this repeatedly.

  • Big Beautiful Mature tree no doubt going to come down at the Overhill address…what a shame.

  • @miss_msry, Sorry to read your news. That’s a sad day indeed. All three of my childhood Houston homes are still on the ground but, with one of them in Braes Heights and one in Old Braeswood, it’s just a matter of time. My parents still live in the third house, which is now in a city historic district.

  • miss_msry, I’m probably not the only one who discovered swamplot by accident when looking for news of a familiar house changing hands: in my case, my grandparents’ house, featured in the daily demo report some years ago, a modest rancher that gave way to a $3,000,000 French chateau. It has to be said, the chateau is pretty in and of itself but looks a little funny closely hugged by a driveway and wood fence. The mature trees were left; a detail that I find heartens me more than I regret the loss of the house.
    Actually other lost houses I see on swamplot pang me more. With my grandparents, it is more puzzlement over the realization that they are not just dead but extinct.

  • Y’all are in good shape when it comes to childhood houses. I grew up from age 4 to 15 in an Apartment complex in Braeburn Valley West. I am dreaming of the day I see the demolition report.

  • I agree that there is likely a questionable practice regarding the entire building process that should be looked into further by the City. But considering that they also encourage builders to maintain their attitude of doing as they please, I expect much of the same to continue.

    And yes, it’s a shame that if a current/old-build lot has three trees on it at time of demo, it is lucky to have one small one remaining by the time the new-build is completed.