Daily Demolition Report: What Fell on Grenfell

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

These old-timers are falling and they can’t get up.



Photo of 117 Portland St.: HAR

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  • Ugh, Another one bites the dust in Chelsea Place. That little nook in the Museum district has lost so many houses in the last 12 years for “progress”

  • Shame about the Portland St home. Solid brick. I guess it’s cheaper to raze than install HVAC and do all of that updating.

  • Gorgeous brick.

  • Chelsea Place “Historical District”? What kind of “Historical District” would allow the Portland house to come down?

  • Kimmer, I doubt if that (HVAC) was the deciding factor. It’s almost a certainty that this house will be replaced by at least two townhomes which will occupy the entire lot.
    The fact that the lot is in an historic district has little or no influence on what gets built.
    To some, profits are more important than neighborhoods.

  • Very nice brick work. You just don’t see that kind of masonry done anymore. I’ll bet whatever goes up in it’s place will be EIFS or another cheap siding.