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  • 159 Birdsall sure payed off for some owner.

  • There seems to be an uptick in Cottage Grove re-development recently. I for one am always thrilled to see less attractive things go, and always hopeful when new development helps protect our investment in an area that always shocks our out-of-town visitors for being so strangely mixed. However, I was flabbergasted to see that the three little hovels (apparent two-room “houses”) on the northwest corner of Arabelle and Darling go for $795 per month! That’s robbery. And I’m sad that the Sunshine Food Mart closed due to rent increases. It was where visiting friends would stop by for a bottle of wine on their way to see us. :(

  • Happy: How is it robbery? Both parties are happy with the rental amount.

  • Forgive me. I suppose $795 per month is a bargain for these lovely dwellings.


    C’mon, they look like play houses.