Daily Demolition Report: Whitecastle Munch

1212 Willard St., Rosedale, Montrose, Houston

To be the best you can be. Right down to the very end.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1212 Willard St.: HAR

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  • The cute little bungalow on Willard got wrecked yesterday.

  • Too bad for the 1212 Willard bungalow .. it would have made a nice home for someone who appreciates the smaller scale / living space .. just needed a little ‘touching up’ here and there.

  • Remodelled too (per listing). Previous owner made 180k in 3 years. Not bad.

  • I’m resigned to these bungalows going down in Hyde Park, but do they have to take the trees too?? The tree at 1212 Willard was a lovely oak tree in the front yard. Maybe 30-40 years old (I’ve been a neighbor for 13, and it’s always been fairly large). And it wasn’t messing up the driveway or the proposed driveway.

  • I remember seeing an ad several months ago for someone to move that house on Willard (the listing erroneously said “Heights area”) on Craigslist. I would’ve seriously considered it if I had land to put it on (they wanted $10,000 + buyer pays moving costs, which I estimate would’ve been about $15,000. Also with house moving they save on demo costs). I don’t think too many are familiar with the process, but that would’ve been the best way to save it considering the land values in Montrose.