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  • Anymore details on Willow Creek? Like how many buildings? They were supposedly at 85% occupancy just a month ago, so I find it pretty unlikely that all buildings were demo’d.

  • I was wondering that same thing. It’s like a little city all by itself so relocating so many families would probably take a while. They even have a dedicated elementary school.

    I may have to take a drive over there.

  • Well, Pye, if you do, please share what you find! :)

  • And another Tanglewood classic bites the dust to make way for another Tanglewood “YEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWW Lookie How RICH We Are” Mega McMansion.

  • @hollykate and PYEWACKET2: This time it’s just Bldg. 17. Our report should have indicated that, so we’ve added it. Bldgs. 9 and 95 showed up on the list within the last few weeks as well.

  • Thanks, Gus!

    Matt, They only had about 10 buildings total that had pretty bad damage after Ike, so I don’t think the whole thing will be going away.

  • If this demolition in Tanglewood is FEMA bought/IKE related, that property will forever be vacant. No McMansion there.

    And thanks Gus, saves me a trip.

  • Oh my, Sugar Hill Dr. is a big corner lot–22K+ square feet. You would be able to comfortably relocate all the displaced families from Willow Creek into the next home that is going to be built there.