Dallas St. Redo Winds Down Before Final Four Clocks Start Running

Dallas St. Improvements complete, Downtown, Houston, 77002

Beating the basketball crowds headed to Houston this weekend, the Downtown section of Dallas St. that’s been getting done over looks to be pretty much finished and ready for action. A reader took some shots looking both ways in front of the south entrance to the Four Seasons between Caroline and Austin streets — up top is the eastern view down Dallas, gazing toward the George R. Brown Convention Center and the catty-corner staredown between Hilton Americas and Embassy Suites from either side of Crawford. The new trees seem to line up with the spacing plans shown in the previously released project plans, which included knocking out a driving lane on the north side and turning it into parking (as the vehicles above are politely demonstrating).

Here’s the Four Seasons again from other direction — this time looking west toward Houston Center, with the First City Tower rising out of the frame on the right:


Dallas St. Improvements complete, Downtown, Houston, 77002

Photos: Christopher Andrews

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  • Now to add the actual shops to the “downtown shopping district”…..

  • Dallas St on the westside of downtown still has a ways to go. They had to put in temporary asphalt for sections of crosswalks and sidewalks. The area at HPD in particular.

  • what a colossal waste of tax payer money.

  • Doesn’t Anyone in Houston realize that we need pedestrian traffic from a middle income demographic at street level and that we cannot even hope to compete with any city including cities like Ashville N.C. which have actual pedestrian activity surpassing Houston’s unless the city stops catering to and allowing groups and loittering homeless to be fed and given shelter in the downtown and midtown and medical center areas of town? We’re not a real city but a pseudo urban staging area where the population has to evade a negative /street environment/population who control the streets causing businesses to constantly look for other …friendly/tensionless environments and where people would rather ….tunnel…than walk a barren street landscape