Death and Mortadella

Spicy Pickle Sub Shop, Las Vegas, NV

Isn’t this a big part of what makes Houston great? Anyone can move in here and . . . set up a chain of franchise sub shops! Coming soon to our city: 10 new Spicy Pickle sandwich stores. The local franchisee, Peter Forastiere, ran a related family business in Springfield, Massachusetts:

“I’ve always felt there were similarities between the restaurant business and the funeral home business,” Forastiere says. “People are very sensitive during a time of grief, and people are also very sensitive with what they put in their stomachs. The products may be different, but the customer service is very similar.”

Imagine how much better we could all have been eating here — if only SCI had realized this sooner.

Photo of Las Vegas Spicy Pickle: Flickr user purpletwinkie